Professermoji Contest


Nathan Ringo for



Hey everybody!

It's my pleasure to unveil the VERY FIRST CSGSA FALL 2020 EVENT!

The event is... 👏 👏 👏 👏 ... PROFESSORMOJI!

There are TWO ways to play!

  1. Find a wacky photo of your PI or favorite CS professor or staff member.
  2. Find (or draw?) a regular pic of your prof and modify it with your best paint/photoshop skills.

Maybe put them somewhere exotic (or fictional)! Give them a new haircut!

Please keep in mind the images should be creative and maybe funny, but NEVER disrespectful.

Also, images used should be PUBLIC.

Once finished, give your professormoji a name (ideally a phrase or emotion commonly used) and follow these instructions,


And voila! Emojified!

Just post it to Slack (orginal photo and make it an emoji) prior to the event and you'll be eligible for a prize!!! 😮

At the event, we will go around on Zoom and everyone can share their Professormoji.

All participants will vote to determine the prize winner.

Those unable to present on Zoom can still post to Slack and be eligible for the prize.

Time : Friday, October 2nd, at 6pm UMN Time

Location : Zoom (link will be posted in Slack just prior to event)