Scavenger Hunt

Hey everyone!

To help get us all outside a bit more (while it’s still slightly warm) the CSGSA is putting on a VIRTUAL SCAVENGER HUNT!

Below is a list of 20+ buildings/objects/landmarks that participants should find and take selfies in front of.

Notice, these are not specific places, just ‘types’ so everyone should be able to participate, regardless of whether they have a vehicle.

You should also track the location of each photo so you can tell everyone where you found everything!

This activity should help new students to get familiar with their neighborhoods as well as others around the Twin Cities.

When you have taken all of your photos, send them and their locations (txt file) in a zip folder to the CSGSA email account (cs-gsa@umn.edu).

The event runs until November 23rd. All photos should be ‘selfies’, i.e., they must contain the participant.

Prizes (Per person, Starbucks or Caribou Gift Cards)

  1. 10-14 Photos: $5 Gift Card
  2. 15-19 Photos: $7 Gift Card
  3. 20 Photos: $10 Gift Card

Things to Photograph

  1. Coffee shop
  2. Latte art
  3. A grocery store
  4. A local restaurant specializing in delivery/takeout
  5. Some other local shop
  6. A hospital/clinic/other medical office/facility
  7. Public transit stop (lightrail or bus)
  8. A park
  9. Pine tree(s)
  10. A lake
  11. A river
  12. Snow/rain
  13. Sunrise/sunset
  14. A person (could be you) outside in summertime clothes
  15. A person (could be you) outside in winter gear
  16. A bridge
  17. A school or university building
  18. Wildlife creature(s)
  19. Graffiti or public art
  20. A house decorated for the holidays

Time : Nov 23 (the end date)

Location : N/A