GRaDS talk: Storage at the Edge

by Nikhil Sreekumar on 2021-09-24


Edge environments are generating an increasingly large amount of data due to the proliferation of edge devices. Accommodating this large influx of data at edge servers is a challenging issue. While some data can be processed as it is generated, others must be stored for later access. In this talk, we will identify the features that a new edge storage system must possess including support for user mobility and node fluctuation. To motivate this, we first describe several emerging edge applications and their data needs. We then describe the challenges in meeting these needs. Based on the challenges a set of design principles are put forward that an edge storage researcher should think about when creating an edge storage system.

About the speaker

Nikhil is a 3rd-year Ph.D. Candidate, advised by Dr. Abhishek Chandra and Dr. Jon Weissman from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. His doctoral research aims to create an edge storage system with minimal infrastructure requirements taking advantage of pre-deployed and voluntary resources. His research interests include Storage in Edge Computing, Distributed Data Structures, and Federated Learning Systems. He has published papers in IEEE/ACM SEC, IEEE Big Data, ACM Compute, EuroSys among others. He did his Bachelor's and Master's in Computer Science at TKMCE and BITS-Pilani respectively, from India.