GRaDS talk: 3D Web Technologies

by Frank Bender on 2021-11-05


The web has become a beacon for information and marketing in today's digital world. A majority of websites still operate on standard tier III architectures utilizing html, css, and javascript. With software for VR evolving and various javascript libraries built off of webgl, modern day interfaces have grown in their complexity and ability to incorporate 3D user interfaces. The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate future potential for web applications so that they may visualize 3D data and interfaces through both VR and standard monitors. Topics covered include: a current 2D application and its 3D counterpart called Starzoku, immersive displays through VR such as displaying stock charts, 3D user interfaces designed to embed html in a 3D environment, and contrast between current frameworks such as Ruby on Rails to benefits of a tailored web server designed to utilize c++ for performance.

About the speaker

Frank Bender is a first-year Master's student studying Computer Science through the college of science and engineering with a dual undergraduate degree in computer science and economics. His studies include web architectures, data visualization, computer graphics, and financial econometrics. In his freetime, Frank enjoys bouldering, rollerblading, music production and investing.