GRaDS talk: ADROC: Approaching Divers using Monocular Vision

by Michael Fulton on 2021-11-19


In order for a human and robot to effectively interact underwater, the robot must be capable of acquiring and holding a position in front of the human, to allow visual communication and information transfer. We present ADROC (Autonomous Diver Relative Operator Configuration), an algorithm that allows any AUV with a single camera to approach a diver from a distance, swimming to the appropriate position and distance from the diver for communication to be initiated. ADROC has an 81.5% success rate in approaches, and can deal with long distances, adversarial conditions, and can req-acquire a diver through searching if visual contact is lost.

About the speaker

Michael Fulton is a 5th year PhD student in Computer Science, studying underwater robotics and human-robot interaction with the Interactive Robotics and Vision Lab under Dr. Junaed Sattar. Michael lives in Saint Louis Park with his wife Sophie and their two cats, Harriet and Topher.