GRaDS talk: Dense IoT: A Simple, Secure and Scalable Distributed IoT Device Automation Framework

by Mitch Terrell on 2022-04-29


The IoT device market grew nearly 25% over the past two years which led to a number of innovations in the world of IoT. Much of this innovation came in the form of better devices or more capable device hubs, which led to the usability of these devices to fall behind. Dense IoT works to provide a kernel-like abstraction layer to control and monitor these IoT device networks. Dense IoT hides the complications of connecting and communicating to the underlying devices or their hubs by providing a system call library for automation developers to create more complex automations. By acting like an operating system, Dense IoT is able to employ some key operating system principles to network's of IoT devices such as user level security and automation concurrency through a microkernel service.

About the speaker

Mitch Terrell is a 2nd year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, advised by Dr. Jon Weissman and Dr. Abhishek Chandra. In addition he works full time as a Firmware Design Engineer for Boston Scientific in the cardiac rhythm management division. His interests include IoT device networks, distributed computing and low power device machine learning.